Apps for Driving

Driving is not a joke. You got to keep your eyes on the road plus also look out for bad drivers. Well things might just get easy for you and you can be able to enjoy your ride thanks to mobile apps. Your smartphone is all that you need to ignite a new driving experience.


  1. GasBuddy (Free)

Reason to have it: To Find Cheap Gas

Most gas stations have applications that spot their marked stores, which are helpful in the event that you utilize their credit cards. At the same time for drivers who essentially need the least expensive gas there’s the iPhone application GasBuddy. It shows you the 10 closest fuel stations and their prices. Gasbuddy application plans to include fuel-station conveniences, for example, carwashes to its listing. The GasBuddy assert that 110,000 fuel stations are incorporated in its database, which is almost every station in operation in the U.S.

  1. My Max Speed 2.0 (Free)

Reason to have it: To Track Your Kid’s Driving & Location

Do you want to know how fast your kid is driving the car? My Max Speed 2.0 application would be the best option for you that uses the internal accelerometer to log speed and location every five minutes, to monitor a teen’s driving habits. It can also provide a location history or notify you via a message if the phone travels outside a preset location perimeter.

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Are you trying to get to your destination on time but you keep on running to traffic jams, accidents or construction? Well you will need an app to help you warn you of such and so much more. Incase something goes wrong with your car and you do not know good repair shops around the there is an app to help you find one


Hate those pesky speed traps? With this app, you will get alerts about speed traps, traffic accidents, traffic jams, construction work, red light cameras, and other information that would help you make decisions about your driving routes and speeds. [Free]

Platform: iOS | BlackBerry | Android


RepairPal is an award-winning app that will help you keep track of your car repair history, generate estimates for repair costs, get recommendations on the best repair shops in your area, acquire roadside assistance, and synchronize all your repair-related information via an online account. This app only works in the US though. [Free]

Platform: iOS | Android

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It is said that you should not drink and drive. It is also important that you do not use your smartphone while driving because one call or text can change your life forever in a way that is so ugly. There are apps to help you focus on the road so that no calls, texts or emails distract you. If there is a teenager driver in the house and you want to ensure that they drive safely then there is also an App to make teenagers responsible drivers.


Basic Function: Disables texting and e-mail on smartphones.

Best Feature: Locks the phone’s screen so no texts or e-mails can be sent or read while driving. (The app senses when the car is traveling faster than 5 mph.)

Compatibility: Android

Price: Basic is free, advanced plans start at $7.99/month (

Safe Driver

Basic Function: Monitors location and driving practices of newly licensed teens.

Best Feature: Alerts parents via text or e-mail when kids exceed a specific speed and shows where infractions occurred.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Price: Basic is free; Pro version is $4.99

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